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欧洲汉语教学协会至AFPC会员的通知。Message de l’Association européenne des études chinoises (AEEC) aux membres de l’AFPC

It has been over ten years since the completion of EBCL (European Benchmarks for Chinese Language) I in 2012. The fact that EBCL I only has A1 and A2+ that seriously restricts its application, it has been on the priority list of EACT since its founding in 2015 to seek funding in order to take the project forward and start EBCL II. EACT is pleased to announce that it has recently secured some funding, and thus is looking to recruit TWO 0.5 time researchers to work on the EBCL II project which is scheduled to be carried out between June 2024 and May 2026.

2012年完成的《欧标》第 I 期至今已有十多年了。由于《欧标》一期只完成了 A1 到 A2+ 两级的能力框架,因而极大地限制了该标准的广泛应用。欧洲汉语教学协会自 2015 年成立以来一直把完成《欧标》作为其工作重点之一,积极寻求合作和资助,以推进《欧标》二期的进行。欧汉会近期终于获得了一些资助,故在欧洲范围内寻求招募两位半职 (0.5) 研究助理,参与计划于 2024 年 6 月至 2026 年 5 月期间进行的《欧标》二期项目。

Please check the recruitment notice • 请查看招聘通知