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1. 一学年研修奖学金。汉语相关专业或非专业学生都可申请。

2. 汉语类本科奖学金。方向为汉语相关专业,合作模式为2+2或3+1的联合培养模式。学生可以选择在贵校和北语分别修读两年,或者在本校学习三年,来华学习一年。学生完成学习后,可根据规定转换相应学分,2+2项目的学生将获得两校的学位。

3. 汉语国际教育硕士奖学金。方向为汉语国际教育,合作模式为来华学习两年或1+1联合培养。1+1联合培养项目为学生在贵校学习一年,赴北语学习一年,达到两校学位要求的,可获两校硕士学位。

4. 汉语国际教育博士奖学金,为期4年。





1. 北京语言大学2020年国际中文教师奖学金申请办法(中文版)

2. 北京语言大学2020年国际中文教师奖学金申请办法(英文版)

3. 奖学金申请人名单及申请信息(中英文版)



田鑫 副教授

With your support, more students expect to learn Chinese and understand China. As you may know, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), as the "Little United Nations", has taken Chinese education for international students in China as its main task. Every year, students from more than 130 countries gather here to learn and grow together (For details of BLCU, please visit : This year, we do hope to explore the cooperation of International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship with your university, the detailed information of the scholarship is as followings :

1. Scholarship for One-Academic-Year Study. The students of both Chinese-related majors and other majors can apply it.

2. Scholarship for Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (BTCSOL). It mainly focuses on Chinese-related majors and provides 2+2 and 3+1 dual-degrees. Students can spend 2 years learning in both universities separately, or just come to BLCU to study for 1 year. After finishing the study, the credits can be transferred according to the regulations. The students who attend 2+2 model will get degrees from both universities.

3. Scholarship for Master’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL). It mainly focuses on the international education of Chinese. Students can completely study in BLCU for 2 years, or spend 1 year learning in BLCU. After meeting the requirements of both sides, students can get 2 degrees from the universities.

4. Scholarship for Doctor’s Degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (DTCSOL, 4 Years).

For more information, please refer to the attachments. There may be some outstanding students who do not meet the language requirements,BLCU will also provide them preparatory language courses first. If the students meet the relevant requirements after 1-year study, they can continue their degree’s studies. During the preparatory course, they also have the scholarship.

Considering the current epidemic situation, it would be tight and difficult to invite students to study in China this semester. Accordingly, we have the following suggestions. Firstly, the program mainly focuses on distance learning during the fall, and the students will come to China in the next spring semester (when the epidemic situation allows). Secondly, in terms of the dual-degree programs, can we start course setting while nominating students and arrange online classes as soon as possible ? Furthermore, as for the above programs, if you hope to sign an agreement, we would also like to start the signing soon so that the projects run smoothly. Finally, could you please send the list of scholarship candidates to us before next Friday ?

We look forward to your students meeting us online and at campus !


1. 2020 BLCU Application Guide for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (Chinese Version)

2. 2020 BLCU Application Guide for International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship (English Version)

3. Scholarship Applicant List and Application Information (in English and Chinese)



Tian Xin
Associate Professor
Deputy Director
Division of Confucius Institute Development
Beijing Language and Culture University